Breedings are open this month: February 2024 A limited breeding season will be open from the 1st to the 14th February 2024: Breedings will be closed again after February. See Boucle Founder Hiatus for more info. Bob’s Tricket Shoppe: Pricing Updates From 1st February, the Shoppe will have its gold prices updated! Some things will… Read More

Hello everyone! As the group has grown, and our founders have taken on more real-life responsibilities, you may have noticed we have had less time for maintaining the group. Our fabulous mods have been doing excellent work behind the scenes but the workload is still very intense. In order to put some balance back into… Read More

Heyo everyone! Great news, the FOAL DESIGN SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN AGAIN! Before submitting your foals, however, please read up on the changes we have made to the system: For full information, please see the updated “Submitting your foal design” section on the “Designing Foals” page. Please ask any ⁠questions you may have after reading up… Read More