Hey there and welcome to the @boucle-unicorn community! We are a super friendly deviantArt ARPG group focussed on the Boucle Unicorn breed created by @silveringoak 

What is an ARPG?
An ARPG is an “Art Role-Playing Game” – we draw or write about our characters (in this case, unicorns) and the creation of each character is governed by the dA group. New characters are made by “importing” custom designs or breeding two exisiting characters to create a foal to design. Designs are coloured-in templates created by our members, which are used to base the character’s unique reference off. Designs and references are submitted to the dA group for approval before they can become “official” characters.

What is a Boucle Unicorn?

The Boucle (technically pronounced “bouk-ley” but we mostly say “boo-kul”) Unicorn is a fantasy breed of unicorn between 15-18hh renown for their wide range of colours and patterns, as well as their fabulous mutations! Some Boucles are born with Breeding Anomalies (BAs), physical changes to their bodies and some are even blessed by the Ancients’ to have fantastical appearances. There are also Boucles born with Birth Defects (BDs), creating weird and sometimes spooky appearances!

Despite not being close to the glory of the unicorns of old, boucle unicorns have a vastly longer lifespan than a normal horse. It is currently not known how old a boucle can get, though boucles 200 years or more is common.

Recently “Bataille Boucles” have been spotted in Unicornia, these are much larger highly-aggressive unicorns that have been selectively bred for warmongering by the King’s brother! 

How do I get a Boucle?

If you’re new to the game, the easiest way to get a boucle is to pop up a “Looking For” advert in the Boucle Discord Server #looking_for channel or in a journal submitted to the Classifieds folder in the dA group. Many players have special deals for newbies and can give you a geno or some slots to breed your first boucle!

You could also complete the Newbie Imports initiative, reserved for new players who do not have a Boucle yet! Simply draw some art for other unicorns and you’ll earn an import of your very own!

You can also order custom Boucles from group designers, please visit @silveringoak or @tigglesaurus’ deviantArt pages to order from them directly!

If a contest is currently running, you can also enter those for the chance to win an import if they’re on offer! Keep an eye on the dA group’s news journal and other recently published journals.

Where do Boucles Come From?

The Boucle Unicorn originates from another dimension in the Kingdom of Unicornia, a far off country to the south. It is believed that they roamed the wild mountains and forests of the peaceful country. It is also said that the first unicorn came to the humans in a great time of need, granting their fields and lakes fertility that was long gone as a blessing. It made itself at home there, eventually bringing its brethren to the kingdom and tying bonds with the humans.

You can learn more about Unicornia on the Kingdom of Unicornia page.

What are Mane Types?

There are many different “mane types” a boucle can be born with, either inherited from their parents or randomly occurring during breeding. Many types not only affect the length and texture of the mane, but can also change some features such as ears, noses and tails. All manes are inheritable, but the Normal Mane is most likely to inherit when one parent has it. The best way to guarantee a mane is to breed two parents with the same mane! 

Not all mane types can be imported:

  • Normal, Rapunzel and Lion’s Mane are “basic manes” and are available on custom imports, Prize imports and all MP imports except Archmage/500MP and Deity/1000MP; 
  • Bald, True Kirin, Wisp, Chou, Poodaleere, Piscine, Goldilocks and Schnauzeere are “importable special manes” and can be imported on a custom at a higher cost, on certain Prize imports or they can be imported with the Archmage/500MP reward;
  • Excessive Lion’s Mane, Seraph, Kirin, Snowpuff, Excessive Poodaleere, Lapin, Angora, Lynx and Spirit Mane are “special manes” but they can only be obtained through breeding or special events. Spirit Mane is the only one of these available through MP via the Deity/1000MP import.

What are Birthstones?

All Boucles are born with a “birthstone” depending on their birth month. There are three birthstones each month, following a colour theme for that month (eg red for January, purple for February, etc). A boucle’s skeleton as well as its horn, eyes and hooves are made of nearly indestructible material called “bouclite”, and this bouclite takes on the appearance of its birthstone! When born during events, Boucles may randomly be given a special event stone determined by the event (eg Heart or Rose Stone during Valentines, Ghost or Wand Stone during Halloween, Tinsel or Snow Stone during winter, Fireworks or Fizzy Stone during New Years, and many many more!

What are breeding slots?

Slots” or “breeding slots” are reservations on a boucle for permission to breed it. A boucle owner can reserve you a slot and give you permission to breed it, you just need to find a boucle of the opposite gender (who ideally isn’t related) to breed it to! Each boucle starts with six breeding slots, and earns more through Magic Points.

What are Magic Points (MP)?

Magic Points are the group’s way to measure a boucle’s proficiency with magic. Each time you draw or write about your boucle, they gain MP! Boucles can also earn MP from gifts by other players, or even through their lineage if they have parents or offspring with high MP. You earn rewards for each MP tier that your boucle earns, such as imports. Learn more about BU-MP or check out the @BU-MP account where we keep track of all the Boucle Unicorn Magic Points.

There’s so many colours HELP!

Boucles have been around a while now so they’ve amassed quite a few colours and mutations! The best thing to do is browse through the colours and mutations galleries and pick out a few that catch your eye, then ask how you can import or breed one – boucle colours can be daunting for new players but don’t worry, either it makes sense eventually or someone will always been there to help out when you get stuck <3 If you are stuck, just pop us a question on the Q&A journal or jump into the Boucle Discord Server and give us a shout!

I have a question!

We love questions! Please visit our Q&A Journal, or the BU-MP FAQ to see if your question has been answered already! If not, please leave a comment on one of those journals or jump into the Boucle Discord Server and ask us in the #questions channel! 

Visit the pages below for more in-depth information on Boucles and the group functions!

Meet the Team

Get to know our team members and the roles they have! These sparkly troopers are all volunteers, and help the group out where they can, so please treat them with kindness and consideration <3 The Roles Our mods have one or more roles across various teams, and train up on the role’s respective duties before… Read More

Group Rules

We are a very relaxed group but to protect all our members there is a “Strike System” in place to outline what behaviours are not excusable, and what the consequences for said behaviour may be: Strike System. If you need to contact a Founder on a sensitive issue, please note the @BU-Admin account on dA,… Read More

Group Basics

A quick cheat list of all the group functions and forms! Forms with this background should be sent to the group Forms with this background should be sent to the @BU-RP account Designing Foals You can only design a foal if you have a genotype through breeding or via a praline or DIY prize! Design… Read More

About Boucle Unicorns

History The Classique Boucle Unicorn originates from the Kingdom of Unicornia, in a different dimension to our own. It is believed that boucles roamed the wild mountain range and forests of the peaceful country. It is also said that the first unicorn came to the humans in a great time of need, blessing their fields… Read More

Boucle Types

There are three different Boucle types. Classique, Palais and Bataille. Boucle types are based on their height, so a boucle below 14hh will be a Palais, a 16-18hh boucle will be a Classique, and a 19-22hh boucle will be a Bataille! All boucles descend from the original unicorns of Unicornia. Classique boucles are the most… Read More

Classique Boucle Magic

As a boucle earns magic points and reaches certain tiers, their magic awakens and levels up! This journal aims to explain what boucle magic can do! To learn more about MP, the tiers and how to get it counted, please refer to the following: Magic Point System Magic Point Rewards About BU-MP Something to keep… Read More

Bataille Armament Types

Each time a Bataille reaches a tier milestone they unlock Battle Armaments. Some Armaments have multiple options, which you can choose when you receive a plaque on @BU-MP. Find out more about which tiers unlock which Armaments on the Battle Points – Tiers and Rewards page. Find out about earning Battle Points on the Earning… Read More

Palais Aspect Types

Instead of elemental magic, Palais have Aspect magic which allows them to shapeshift parts of their body or colouration into those of other animals! At Deity level, they can even fully shape-shift into their chosen Aspect Animals! A Palais in an animal form always keeps it’s unicorn horn and it’s colouration. Eg, a Reglisse Palais… Read More

The Kingdom of Unicornia

The World Unicornia is a small southern Kingdom situated on a planet not very different from Earth. It’s a world of fantasy however, and is populated by a number of different humanoid races and fantastical creatures. The Kingdom faces the vast, warm, blue sea on one side, and four neighbouring Kingdoms on the other. The… Read More

Boucle Culture & Deities

Human Culture Human customs and worship in Unicornia revolves around their unicorns and the deities that come with their beliefs. They host festivals to honour their gods and goddesses every year, and most humans tend to worship one or more of their favoured deities daily. Human Unicornia is a hierarchical society, with a monarchy at… Read More

Personal Lookup Tools

With a Personal Lookup Tool, you can keep a list of all your boucles in Google Spreadsheets that auto-updates with our registries so you can see at a glance what genos, designs and reffed boucles you own! You can also keep track of used and unused items and pralines, and what companions you’ve collected! Get… Read More