It’s beginning to look a lot like Bouclemas! This year we’re celebrating Southern Hemisphere style, with a warm and sunny tropical theme! We hope you are able to catch some rays and get nice and toasty with these festive events:

Boucle Advent 2023

Every day for the first 24 Days of December, @BU-IMP will post a placeholder image with a link to a form. After 24 hours, a special advent foal will be raffled to one lucky entrant! Everyone who enters will also get a little treat in the form of pralines, Unicornian Gold and special items so enter every day for the most amount of prizes at the end of the event!

Subscribe to the @BU-IMP account on dA or watch the Discord Announcements for the daily advent! If you would like to be tagged for every advent on Discord, grab the @Advent role in the #welcome__rules channel. 

Click here for the first advent, and fill in the form linked there to enter!

Bouclemas Breedings 2023 – Tropical Deguises

From the 1st to the 14th of December 2023, members can submit 5 breedings each, and they will be rolled for Festive Bouclites from 2015 and 2020 and an optional Tropical Déguise! This season you might roll one of three tropical animals:

  • Loro (parrot),
  • Remu (lemur), and
  • Biawak (monitor lizard)!

These will be optional for your designs, and will come with two optional BAs as well!

December Palette

The monthly palette challenge is ready to roll with holiday colors and prompt words this month! Add in the bonus items to your entry and get a roll for an extra prize! Participate and learn more on the Monthly Palette Journal

Night Before Bouclemas

A gift giving event for everyone to enjoy! Stop by the journal to find out how you can earn some fun and festive consumables while receiving bonus XP for giving gifts! Join in and learn more on the Night Before Bouclemas Journal

We can’t wait to see everyone at these events, spreading the tropical holiday cheer!