The Classique Boucle Unicorn originates from the Kingdom of Unicornia, in a different dimension to our own. It is believed that boucles roamed the wild mountain range and forests of the peaceful country. It is also said that the first unicorn came to the humans in a great time of need, blessing their fields and lakes with fertility that had been long gone. It made itself at home there, eventually bringing its brethren to the kingdom and tying bonds with the humans.

Though having a permanent home with the humans came with a price; the unicorns could no longer use the powerful magic of their ancestors and in time their brilliant minds diminished closer to that of a normal horse. Though the present day boucle unicorns are smarter than the average equine, they are far from the unicorns of old.

In recent history, Unicornia had fallen into hard times – the first unicorns blessing had worn thin and they were struggling to feed themselves with the little they had left – therefore the King opened up exports of the Boucle Unicorn to different realms to get their economy blossoming again! The Kingdom is slowly returning to its former glory.

In the Earth Year of October 2020, the giant Bataille Boucle type were re-discovered after they escaped Unicornia from their warmongering owners. These animals were bred specifically for battle in the war between the King and his brother many decades ago. Many were still wearing remnants of tack, nose rings and other accessories when caught by adventurers from other realms by decree of the King. Batailles are feared by the King and they are not welcome in Unicornia.

Recently, in the Earth Year of June 2021, the King decided to allow the export of his personal Boucle type, the Palais. He invited many people from across the realms to his Midsommar Festival where he gifted and sold many animals from his Palais stock. Some theorise he decided to do this to raise funds for the crown in case of another war after the return of the Bataille.


A boucle’s most characteristic feature is its horn. Though they take many different colourations and appearances, these horns are all made of the same material: it is called bouclite, and also makes up a boucle’s skeleton, hooves and eyes. It is stronger than any other known gemstone, and is virtually unbreakable. It is also believed that bouclite is closely connected to a boucle’s magical abilities.

Despite not being close to the glory of the unicorns of old, boucle unicorns have a vastly longer lifespan than a normal horse. It is currently not known how old a boucle can get, though boucles of 200-years-old or more have been recorded. They come in many different colourations not found in normal horses and currently have three different types.

  • “Classique” boucles are the original type, and range between 15-18hh, they have elemental magic!
  • “Batailles” are 19-22hh, highly-aggressive and have been selectively bred for warmongering by the King’s brother! Their magic is angled towards warfare.
  • “Palais” are a pony-type of boucle between 11-14hh with a sweet disposition. They have shapeshifting magic!

Classique can crossbreed with both Bataille and Palais, but Bataille and Palais will not produce offspring.


A boucle unicorn is well known for being gentle and giving, even their magic is non-destructive and beneficial. Most boucles are vain, taking great pride in their appearance, and shunning those with obvious defects. Of course personalities vary wildly, but you will rarely find a destructive or cruel Classique or Palais boucle.

Bataille Boucles are the exception, having been bred for and trained for a combative personality. They are reactive, aggressive and fiercely protective, often only bonding with a single handler who they will trust to the death while shunning all others.