Get to know our team members and the roles they have! These sparkly troopers are all volunteers, and help the group out where they can, so please treat them with kindness and consideration <3

The Roles

Our mods have one or more roles across various teams, and train up on the role’s respective duties before becoming fully-fledged mods

Citrus Team

Founders and most senior mods, creative leads, oversee general running of the group and mediate disputes via @BU-Admin account

Citrus = Lime
Citrus = Lemon, just like a Lime but isn’t on mediation duty right now

Hall Monitor Team

Chat moderators in our Discord to keep things sparkly

Hall Principle = Hall Principle
Hall Monitor = Hall Monitor

BU-MP Team

Logs and counts XP and gives rewards for all Boucles on the @BU-MP account. Divided into counter, plaquemaker and replier subteams

BU-MP Senior = BU-MP Senior
BU-MP Mod = BU-MP Mod
BU-MPerling = BU-MPerling, BU-MP Trainee

BU-RP Team

Handles events, items and companions on the @BU-RP account. Divided into event runner, ABCer and item handler subteams

BU-RP Senior = BU-RP Senior
BU-RP Mod = BU-RP Mod
BU-RPerling = BU-RPerling, BU-RP Trainee

Imp Team

Uploads Boucle Imports from XP rewards, prizes and DIY tokens on the @BU-IMP account

Senior Imp = Senior Imp
Imp = Imp
Impling = Impling, Imp Trainee

Breeding Team

Rolls all the foal genos from breeding seasons

Breeding Mod = Breeding Mod

Design Team

Reviews and accepts designs for foals and imports

Design Master = Design Master, Senior Design Mod
Design Mod = Design Mod
Design Modling = Design Modling, Design Mod Trainee

Transfer Team

Deals with all Boucle Transfers sent to @Boucle-Unicorn

Transfer Mod = Transfer Mod

Registry Team

Reviews and accepts all References into the Registries

Registration Master = Registration Master, Senior Registry Mod
Registration Mod = Registration Mod
Registration Modling = Registration Modling, Registry Mod Trainee

Rewarder Team

Processes all XP and Praline redeem notes

Reward Master = Reward Master, Senior Rewarder
Rewarder = Rewarder
Rewardling = Rewardling, Rewarder Trainee


These four neon-green miscreants look after the general running of the group, and are the top-level go-tos for any problems that involve disputes via the @BU-Admin account


Unicorn Peddler

He/Him They/Them

Citrus Breeding Mod Senior BU-RPer Senior Imp Design Master

Don is our Sparkly Founder, Creative Lead and chaos goblin <3


Lumi the Lexicorn


Citrus Breeding Mod Senior BU-RPer Reward Master Transfer Mod Hall Monitor

Hi, I’m Lumi! I’m a vampire who only leaves my cave of darkness to disperse the knowledge I hoard and to take my two fur gremlins (aka cats) on the occasional walk. I also have adhd


Tiggs the Tinkerer


Citrus Breeding Mod Senior BU-RPer Senior Imp Design Master Hall Principal

Hey I’m Tiggs! I’m a full-time human mum, and a part time unicorn mother. You’ll find me all over the place, tinkering with designs, websites and spreadsheets.

I’m a bigtime bonbon hoarder collector, and I love all unicorns big and small <3


The Pukkinator


Citrus Breeding Mod Senior BU-MPer Reward Master Imp Transfer Mod Design Modling

Am a mom to a spicy girl, I love animals in general, but horses do have my heart. When I am not working my butt off I like to take walks and draw, I also find so much joy in photography, but currently my old camera is broken. Been a Boucle admin since 2017, most of my time in BU-MP but have been dabbling a bit everywhere, last few years most of my time have been spend on the breeding team.

Senior Mods

These mods have been around a honking long time. They know their roles well, and keep plates spinning in their respective departments


Ajra the Archaeologist


Design Master Impling

Hi, I’m Ajra, I dig dirt and bury foal backlogs. You will mostly see me on “Most wanted” posters because of all the delicious foals I simply can’t help but kidnap <33 Also I love drawing HAIR


Collector of Sparkles

She/Her They/Them

Hall Principal Registration Mod Transfer Mod

I’m Ina and am a bean in my late 20’s. I am studying to become a preschool teacher at university, and graduating next year! I’ve been in Boucles since 2016, and after a three year break I then re-joined in early 2020 – which has shown itself to be the best decision I could’ve made on dA. I am part of the admin teams that handle transfers, registrations and hall monitoring, which is all about helping the community find what they’re looking for and keep it sparkly!


Sweeper of Redeems


Reward Master BU-MPer (plaquemaker & replier) Registration Mod Transfer Mod Design Modling

I’m a little ghost who draws a lot and does some mod stuff when not.


Mushroom Midi the Fairy Floss Goblin


Senior BU-RPer

Hi, I’m Midi! I’m literally nervous all the time. Small dog shaking in the corner? That’s me! I started with this community back in 2016. Since then I’ve helped develop the BUMP account, as well as the shows and events over at BURP. I absolutely ADORE Boucles, they have been a source of amazing creativity for me, and the team I work with just makes that possible.


Meet our mods, you’ll find this sparkly lot in all corners of the group <3


Chonqi Unicorn Collector

She/Her They/Them

BU-MPer (replier) BU-RPer (event runner) Hall Monitor Transfer Mod BU-MPerling (counter)

Ink was dragged into HARPGs by a close friend and has since found their niche in the edgy-chonky-warhorse corner of Boucle Unicorn. They help out with various events and group-art for items and icons.


Raptor Wrangler


Hall Monitor Transfer Mod

Hi I’m Ash and I joined boucles back in 2016. I have double trouble at home with twin little ones and work a full time job. Boucles has been a joy for me and its a great vacation escape from my busy life. I love to see everyone’s designs and hear about their characters. I’m a great listener and I don’t bite so feel free to talk to me anytime. My favorite muts and genes are Roan, Daydreamer, Draco, Aqua, Spoopy stuff and Extended Fawn Rayé


Number Muncher


BU-MPer (counter & plaquemaker)

I am me. I am here. Nice to meet you!


Hammer Time


BU-RPer (event runner)

Phen joined Boucles in 2019 and hopped on the Design team not long after! They currently hang out in the BURP team, wrangle grumpy unicorns and draw lots of Pokémon <3


Uhhh Sir Plants, yes that works


BU-MPer (counter) Impling

Long time in bump and training for imports! Obsessed with Nectar and Wyvern and Foxes. Stay sparkly and lemme know if you need anything 🥰🧡


Rainbow Royalty


BU-MPer BU-RPer (event runner) Hall Monitor Transfer Mod Rewardling

Howdy! I’m RainbowFoxxy, most peeps refer to me as Foxxy <3 I am a middle school teacher and a part time tour guide in San Diego by trade and a collector of sparkle pons by hobby. I enjoy spending time with my partner and my pug, playing pickleball and hiking/running! I’ve been obsessed with Boucles ever since I got my first foal from a dear friend of mine a couple years ago. I love the community of this group and I’m so happy to be a part of it! Sparkle pons forever!


Birb Mother

She/Her They/Them

Design Mod

Unicorn Enthusiast. Knitter. Tea connoisseur. Archaeologist. Anthropologist. Trickster and general collector of Small Shiny Things.


Viscountess Vixalicious of Nectar


BU-MPer (counter & plaquemaker) BU-RPerling (item handler) Design Modling

Heyo, I’m your friendly neighbourhood Vixen ~
I was fortunate enough to become an admin for Boucles in December 2020, starting off in BU-MP under the tuition of the amazing MonsLeonis and have since began to worm my way into other areas to keep my greedy little gremlin hands busy! I have a tendency to fixate on various things and love chattering in the discord about my newest interests, I love talking to the sparkly peeps so please never be afraid to say hai. Outside of dA and all the fun Boucle Business; I swim doggos and I’m a fur-mama to 4 troublesome kiddos, an elderly OAP pony, a mischievous pupper and my two darling reptiles, all of which I often feature in discord <3


These guys are still learning the ropes, but once their training wheels are off they’ll be joining the ranks above!


Courtier of the Cacti


Design Modling

Hello! My name is Cactus or Kelsey, I will answer to either. I currently reside in the eastern USA with my three leopard geckos and 1, soon to be 2, kitties. My hobbies include doodling, gaming and cooking. I love to watch horror movies or any kind of movie regardless of how bad it is. I’m generally always around doing something on my phone or computer when I’m not hanging out with family or friends IRL.


Vampire Lord


Design Modling

I go doot doot i draw and write and have fun with sparkleboiz


Error 404


BU-MPerling (counter)

Mini joined the Boucle-Unicorn team in 2023, and is training in BUMP as an XP Counter!


Nickname Collector


BU-MPerling (counter) Registration Modling

German freelance artist and horror enthusiast, with a passion for storytelling. I love learning new things every day ranging from new knowledge to new skill sets! Currently working on my very first D&D campaign!


Genetics Goblin

He/Him They/Them

Design Modling

Howdy! I’m a freelance artist, specializing in character & creature design. I have a deep interest in animal genetics, animal care, linguistics, and stylistic horror games (amongst other things). I currently work in the foal designs segment of the group!


The Impaler

She/Her They/Them


Stay at home mom of 2 kids, Bataille Bandit (i stealll them ALLLL MAUAHAHA) Palais Cuddle Buddy, and classique just is classic <3 Love RDR2 and Gaming Ark and many more, and love you all and your beautiful designs and Ideas <3