For every 500MP after 1000MP (in non-lineage points), a Classique Boucle earns the title “Scholar of [insert Ancient’s name here]” and gains an Artefact from the Ancient of their choice. Your Boucle does not have to have an Ancient’s magic type unlocked to gain a Scholarship from them. They may earn a Scholarship from every Unicornian Ancient and they can complete them in any order; each one needs an extra 500MP in non-lineage MP. Every Scholarship unlocks additional rewards, including rarer imports, second Blessings, triplet rewards and more.

NOTE: MP gained from lineage does NOT count towards the MP needed to earn a Scholarship! All MP must be gained from art, literature, gifts, shows, monthly prompts and other non-lineage bonuses! Scholarships are hard to earn but worth it!

IMPORTANT: This system is new and may change in the early days if we encounter balancing issues.


Can Batailles/Palais earn Scholarships?

Can Corrupted Classiques earn the Scholarships?
Short answer Yes, it would be mean to exclude them.

Will Batailles/Palais get more BP/SP tiers?
Eventually, but not for a long time yet!

Can we import Palais or Bataille with Scholar Rewards?
No, the only slight exception is the “Random Palais Geno” option in the Acolyte Reward section

Can we Import Pastelles, Orca, Bubble Manes, etc…
If it is not listed below, then no, sorry!

My Boucle was Deity before this released and haven’t received the Scholarship of the Ancients’ comment on their plaque! What do I do?
Visit this journal: Scholarship comment request. And follow the instructions there.

How to Apply for a Scholarship

To apply for a Scholarship, your boucle must be a confirmed Deity, and have at least 1500MP in non-lineage points. Once that criteria is met you need to make a “Graduation Piece” (see below), in which the Boucle approaches an Ancient’s Shrine in Unicornia and asks them for a Scholarship.

After the first Scholarship is earned, you can apply for another Scholarship from a different Ancient every time your boucle earns 500MP in non-lineage points after 1500MP (see “Scholarship Tier Rewards” below for all the milestones).

The Graduation Piece

The Graduation piece is a piece of art/literature that includes the boucle visiting the Ancients’ Shrine and asking for a Scholarship:

  • Art must be valued at 5MP or more excluding gifts, monthly prompt and show bonuses (eg: coloured full body with shading and medium background)
  • Literature must be 500 words minimum.
  • MP from Graduation Pieces does not add to any Boucle’s XP total, including the Boucle seeking the Scholarship (they will be ignored if you post them under the “Art and Literature” comment on their plaque)
  • You need a Graduation Piece per boucle, you can’t use the same graduation piece for multiple boucles.

Include this form in the artist comment of the Graduation Piece:

Boucle Applying for Scholarship: (ID and Link to Ref)
Ancient of Application: (eg, Aqua, Surculus, etc)
Number of Previous Scholarships:

Reply to the “Scholarships of the Ancients” comment on your Boucle’s Plaque with their Graduation Piece. Once confirmed by BU-MP, your boucle will be awarded the Scholarship and your Artefact will be added onto the Boucle’s Achievements comment – you can then use the Artefact comment to redeem a Tier Reward of your choice, see “Scholarship Tier Rewards” below.

Ancients’ Artefacts

Artefacts are given to your boucle by the Ancient when they gain a Scholarship. The Artefact effect can only be used by the boucle that earned it. They are cosmetic items, and do not provide any bonuses other than appearance, and where applicable, giving “abilities” beyond a Boucle’s usual magic in art/stories. Each Ancient’s Artefact has a different effect:

Gorgeous art by @Memuii

Ancient of Water

Shellcrown of the Deep – lets the boucle transform into Hippocampus at will

Ancient of Earth

Seedpod Maracas do a hekkin jam to revive any plant

Ancient of Fire

Dragonhorn Ornament – a badass horn decco that gives full immunity to fire/heat

Ancient of Air

Wings of Levitation – costume wings that lets boucle fly/float

Ancient of Ice

Blanket of Cold Resistance – full immunity to ice/cold

Ancient of Stone

Marble Horseshoes – lets the boucle change bouclite to any birthstone at will

Ancient of Metal

Iron Horseshoes – lets the boucle change their bouclite to any birthmetal at will

Ancient of Blood

Staff of Healing – Provides a huge boost to healing power

Ancient of Electricity

Armour of Storms – Protective armour charged with lightning

Ancient of Illusion

Mirror of Discovery – Reveals secrets that cannot be seen with the naked eye

Ancient of Light

Eyes of Lux – Allows you to see in total darkness

Ancient of Dark

Cloak of Shadows – makes the wearer invisible, and evades the Eyes of Lux

Ancient of Dreams

Bag of Holding – Can be used to travel to the dream realm if hopped into

Ancient of Time

Flute of Time – Stops time while playing

Ancient of Telepathy

Earring of Comprehend Languages – Allows the boucle to understand any sentient creature

Ancient of Creation

Aedifex’s Hat – Let’s the Boucle transform into a platypus at will

Scholarship Tier Rewards

You can complete Scholarships with the Ancients’ to gain their Artefacts in any order, and the more you collect, the more Scholarship Tier Rewards you will gain. These rewards are one-use only, but can be used by any boucle.

There are a maximum of 16 Scholarships, and for each one your boucle earns, they can choose one reward from the bracket (you can choose the same reward each time if you like):

  1. 1500MP – Pick from Tutee Rewards
  2. 2000MP – Pick from Tutee Rewards
  3. 2500MP – Pick from Tutee Rewards
  4. 3000MP – Pick from Tutee Rewards
  5. 3500MP – Pick from Tutee Rewards
  6. 4000MP – Pick from Acolyte Rewards
  7. 4500MP – Pick from Acolyte Rewards
  8. 5000MP – Pick from Acolyte Rewards
  9. 5500MP – Pick from Acolyte Rewards
  10. 6000MP – Pick from Acolyte Rewards
  11. 6500MP – Pick from Acolyte Rewards
  12. 7000MP – Pick from Master Rewards
  13. 7500MP – Pick from Master Rewards
  14. 8000MP – Pick from Master Rewards
  15. 8500MP – Pick from Master Rewards
  16. 9000MP – Pick from Master Rewards

Redeeming Rewards

To redeem an import or “Combine x MP Imports” rewards (not including random foal genos), just link the Artefact comment when submitting an MP Import though the Starter Design Import system.

To redeem any other Scholarship Tier Reward, including random foal genos, note the Boucle-Unicorn group with the following form:

Title Note - "Scholarship Reward Tier Redeem, [Tutee/Acolyte/Master] Level

Boucle Who Earned the Reward: (ID)
Artefact Link: (link to artefact comment on plaque) 
Reward Tier: Tutee/Acolyte/Master
Chosen Reward: 

Optional - for height and BA changes to a geno
Applying to: (ID of geno and link to breeding note)
Chosen affect: (eg, what BAs you would like to add, if you would like the height to go up or down etc)

A rewarder admin will then reply to confirm your reward, and either give you a praline, companion, token, genotype, or direct you on what to do next!

Tutee Rewards

  • Combine 2x Classique MP Imports – see: “Combining MP Imports” below
  • Add 2x BAs (x2)
  • Guaranteed Twins (x2)
  • Guaranteed Triplets
  • Random Praline Pack 
  • Random Classique Foal Geno
  • Pixie Companion
  • Hoppyfrog Companion

Acolyte Rewards

  • Combine 3x MP Imports – see: “Combining MP Imports” below
  • Random Palais Foal Geno
  • +/- 1hh from a rolled height on any geno (cannot be used to change the boucle type)
  • Silkie Companion
  • Pommerfly Companion
  • Retired Mutation Rarity 1 Scholar Classique Import – grants the right to import a rarity 1 Classique boucle with any non-spooky, non-christmas retired mutation.
  • Spooky Rarity 0 Scholar Classique Import – grants the right to import an otherwise rarity 0 Classique boucle with two of the following:
  • Bouclemas Rarity 0 Scholar Classique Import – grants the right to import an otherwise rarity 0 Classique boucle with two of the following:
  • Lapin Rarity 1 Scholar Classique Import – grants the right to import a lapin mane rarity 1 Classique boucle with optional Bunny event coat.

Master Rewards

  • Combine 4x MP Imports – see: “Combining MP Imports” below
  • No-Fail Reward
  • Second Blessing – add another Blessing to an already Blessed Boucle (import or foal)
  • Sprite Companion
  • Glimmer Dragon Companion
  • Déguise Rarity 0 Scholar Classique Import – grants the right to import an otherwise rarity 0 Classique boucle with a déguise mutation (from the nordic beast, the african beast, the tropical beast or the April fools sets)
  • Crayon Rarity 1 Scholar Classique Import – grants the right to import a crayon rarity 1 Classique boucle

Combining MP Imports

Choose 2-4 MP Classique Import rewards (depending on the Scholar reward) from ANY of your classiques and stick them together

  • They DO NOT need to be earned by the same Boucle. 
  • You CANNOT combine Scholar rewards with this reward. 
  • You only get one freebie per import, regardless of how many are stuck together. 
  • Adding extended to one or more mutations is free. 
  • Examples:
    • Witch + Witch = Basic mane + 1 freebie unnatural modifier/dilution + 2 mutations
    • Conjurur + Archmage = Any special mane + 1 freebie unnatural modifier/dilution + a bonbon base + 2 mutations
    • Witch + Archmage + Spirit = Any special mane + 1 freebie unnatural modifier/dilution + an event horn + 3 mutations
    • Witch + Conjurer + Archmage + Spirit = Any special mane + 1 freebie unnatural modifier/dilution + bonbon base colour + an event horn + 4 mutations
    • Prophet + Deity = Spirit mane + 1 freebie unnatural modifier/mutation + smoke base colour + 3 mutations
    • Witch + Witch + Witch + Witch = Basic mane + 1 freebie unnatural modifier/dilution + 4 mutations


  • You CANNOT combine Scholarship imports, only MP Imports from the road to Deity
  • You CANNOT combine Archmage and Deity imports
  • You CAN combine Conjurer and Prophet but the bonbon and smoke colours must be on different sides of a chimera.
  • You CAN combine multiple Witch/Wizard rewards or multiple Demigod(dess) rewards
  • You CANNOT combine duplicates of other tiers. eg Archmage + Archmage, Deity + Deity or Conjurer + Conjurer + Witch etc. don’t match up
  • You CANNOT have more than one import freebie or import BA per import.