Male and female boucles can be ~magically and painlessly~ castrated if you no longer wish to breed them, or for other plot-related reasons.

  • Castration is non-reversible.
  • It can only be performed on boucles with an accepted design.
  • Castrated boucles earn +5XP on every deviation, worth at least 5XP as a base.
  • You can save up to 4 breeding slots to use after castration as “straws” or “preserved eggs” – these are logged in a Preserved Slot Bank by the group. If slots are reserved for others on the ref before castration, you MUST preserve them.
  • You cannot castrate a boucle if it has more than 4 reserved and unused slots. 
  • You cannot preserve more slots than the boucle has available, e.g. a boucle with 6 slots total and 4 slots already used can only preserve the last 2 slots. 
  • If not-yet-unlocked slots have been reserved, you cannot castrate the boucle.
  • You cannot castrate a boucle with a transfer note pending.

To castrate a boucle, note the group with the following:

TITLE: “Castration Request”

Boucle ID:
Link to Reference:
Preserved Slots: (optional, if not provided there will be no preserved slots)

  1. Reserved for @USERNAME
  2. Reserved for @USERNAME
  3. Reserved for @USERNAME
  4. Reserved for @USERNAME