This page has the basic rules for importing a boucle you’ve won in a competition, a raffle or similar.


  • All prize imports have to be won through the group or a group-sanctioned event before they can be redeemed
  • All prize imports are DIY, meaning the group will not design it for you
  • All prize imports are uploaded by a group admin
  • You can only have one import being redeemed at a time. If you already have one pending, you will have to wait until it is uploaded to redeem a different import


The limitations on what you can import is often set by the competition/raffle, but the following is always true:

The following are never available through prize imports:

Note that custom imports and MP imports follow slightly different rules

  • Orchid Pearl and Intense Orchid Pearl other orchid colours are available
  • Cream Champagne Smoke and Cream Pearl Champagne Smoke
  • Pastelle colours
  • Crayon colours
  • Phien colours
  • Wyvern colours
  • Regius colours
  • Ancients’ Blessing mutation
  • Carried genes, such as silver on a rouge boucle
  • Birth defects
  • The following manetypes:
    • Snowpuff
    • Seraph
    • Angora
    • Spirit

The following are unavailable through prize import unless specifically stated otherwise:

  • Smoke colours
  • Event birthstones
  • Birthday mutations
  • Event mutations, event coats included
  • Special manes:
    • Poodaleere
    • Schnauzeere
    • True Kirin
    • Bald
    • Chou
    • Wisp
    • Goldilocks
    • Piscine

Other restrictions:

  • Each import can only have one of the following BAs:
    • Chimerism
    • Lacing
    • Brindle
    • Reverse Brindle
    • Birdcatcher Spots
    • Bend-Or Spots

The following is always true for prize imports:

  • Prize imports get to count two unnatural modifiers or unnatural dilutions as natural, meaning they don’t count towards rarity and can be homozygous


When designing your boucle, keep in mind that we in the boucle group are fairly lax on design rules. As long the coat colour, modifier or mutation looks like itself and not some other marking of the breed you are good to go. Do not be afraid to take some creative freedom, we just love seeing what you can come up with! Mutations can also combine and interact, so feel free to take such liberties as well.


For information on how to redeem your import, please visit the Importing Starter Designs page.