This page specifically covers how to design your foal genos, for general information about designing, see the Designing page. Read on for how to turn your foal genos into designs!

  1. Download Foal Lines
  2. Breeding Anomalies (BAs)
  3. Limitations
  4. Submitting Foal Designs

Foal genos are provided by the group via breedings and prizes. You can also trade or purchase them from other members.

Random Foal Genos have no lineage but count as foals so are also designed on foal lines.

Download Foal lines

These lines are for @Boucle-Unicorn use only.

By expanding the section below and using any of these lines you are agreeing to the following:

  • not to upload these lines outside of dA, including but not limited to: toyhouse, imgur, tumblr, twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest etc;
  • to always keep the lineset credits visible;
  • to only upload official foal designs to your dA account;
  • to only upload official import designs to, never published to dA (mods upload all imports);
  • to never publish “unofficial” uses, eg “test” designs.

I agree to the above conditions, please link me to the foal lines <3

WIP: Smaller file versions and ungrouped folder versions are also available inside the above folders

Designing Breeding Anomalies (BAs)

You can only add BAs to your foal that they are born with, or that are added with pralines. Their BAs will be listed on their Breeding Notes, and unless optional or removed with pralines, you must include them on the design.

For more information about BAs themselves, see the Breeding Anomalies page. The following covers how to add them to your design.

BA lines used to be included as part of the templates, but we have so many now that the files became too huge!! You can now find BAs in a separate folder within the Foal Line folders (linked above), and you just need to duplicate over the ones you need into your Foal Templates.

Note: If you need help, or can’t find the BA you need for the mane type you have, try the new Resource Centre and see if someone else has transferred it over already!

Instructions to add BA lines:

Open your separate Foal lines and BA Lines files first (tip: select the top layer in the Foal lines folder before copying BAs in to make them appear in the right order):

  • Photoshop: Right click the folder in the BA file and “Duplicate Folder”, then select the Foal Lines file
  • Photoshop/CSP/SAI: Select the folder you want to copy in the BA file, press ctrl+c (cmd+c) and then open your foal Lines and press ctrl+v (cmd+v)

That should copy the BA lines over into the Foal Lines file and be correctly lined up with the base!

Note: You may need to drag the BA lines ABOVE the Foal Lines if it didn’t copy in the right order.

Missing BAs:

The group exports one set of BAs for each Boucle type, on the Bald lines, and then members are free to adapt them to other mane types. If there is a BA missing for the mane type you need, it may not be converted yet! You can convert it yourself from the Bald BA version.

Note: If you need help, or can’t find the BA you need for the mane type you have, try the new Resource Centre and see if someone else has transferred it over already!


The following BAs are DIY and do not have premade lines by the group, you are free to design these as part of your design or by editing the base lines! You may find premade ones in the Resource Centre.

(* = you may edit the base lines to add these)

Common DIY BAs

  • Alternate Bouclite I & II
  • Bend-or Spots
  • Birdcatcher Spots
  • Brindle
  • Dual Stones
  • Reverse Brindle
  • Trial Stone

Uncommon DIY BAs

  • *Antennae
  • *Gemini
  • Lacing
  • Natural
  • Somatic Mutation
  • Vitiligo

Rare DIY BAs

  • Albinism
  • Anerytheristic
  • *Bobtail
  • *Cerberus
  • Chimerism
  • *Geode
  • Melanistic
  • Reverse Somatic
  • Shine
  • Void

Legendary DIY BAs

  • *Alternate Tail


Unless your design has an Ancients’ Blessing, Corruption, or a Favour, you may not REMOVE any of the default lines on the design template. With 3D mutations you may ADD lines to the template but the default lines will be hidden underneath.

You CAN do the following on the REFERENCE but you CANNOT do the following on the DESIGN:

  • Clip the hair
  • Resize or customise the BAs
  • Add non-mutation accessories
  • Add scarring

You may only remove lines on the DESIGN for these common exceptions:

  • DIY BAs marked with an asterix (*) in the previous section which must be custom-drawn!
  • Extended Marque can cause dog ears (but not a dog tail, nose or paws)
  • Extended Fawn Rayé can add antlers and cause a bobtail without the BA, but not deer hooves, ears or nose
  • Extended Faon can add horns/antlers (but cannot cause a Bobtail)
  • Instances where the BA templates do not combine or layer well together can be edited to fit but must follow the original shape (eg, Gem Armour often conflicts with non-standard horns and feet, and you may hide the forelock when Crest is present)
  • This list is not exhaustive, please ask in Discord #design-questions if you would like to know if your particular idea is possible! You can write in our Discord #suggestions channel if you can think of other common exceptions!

Note: There are instances where incorrect designs will be overlooked and accidentally accepted; these are either ancient designs or accidently missed by an admin in processing and are not intended to be repeated. If your design is denied for one of the above reasons but you have seen similar exceptions before please feel free to show us and ask if it was an intentional exception or an accidental admin boop. We may reconsider but in the case of a historic design or previous admin error that is unlikely!

Submitting your foal design

7th June 2023: This section has been updated! We have added an extra step to submitting your foal designs; after submitting to the group, you must ALSO submit to the Foal Design Submission form. Please see the updated info below!

You can only have 5 designs in the queue at any one time

When the foal has been designed or redesigned:

  1. Upload your design to dA, making sure to include the ID at the beginning of the title.
  2. In the description, include the Foal Design Submission Form below. 
  3. Submit your design to the appropriate folder in the @Boucle-Unicorn group, e.g. A017 would belong in the A-ID Foals folder. 
  4. Get the correspondence link for your new dA submission, and submit your foal to the Boucle Foal Design Submission Google Form
  5. Design mods will reply to your correspondence if edits are needed so you can work with the mods to resolve any outstanding issues. You can see the progress on your design and relative place in the queue on the Boucle Foal Public Backlog
  6. Once the design is accepted, an admin will let your foal into the group and add them to the registry
    • Mods will accept your accepted design to the group if the submission has not expired. Else they will request them back to the group folders, but the design is official as soon as it’s marked as Completed.

See the full queue on the Boucle Foal Public Backlog

Foal Design Submission Form

Please fill the form by copy and pasting fields directly from your Breeding/Proof Note, don’t edit any spellings or add or remove any formatting (e.g. don’t tinker with slashes or brackets in the phenotype/genotype) with the following exceptions:

  • You should remove unused options in the Phenotype, Genotype, Bouclite and optional BAs,
    e.g: if you had (Normal or Snowpuff) in the Phenotype, you should remove the options you are NOT using
  • You should remove unused retired genes from the Phenotype and Genotype

If you are unsure of what needs to be removed for unused or retired options, just submit with the Phenotype and Genotype from the Breeding/Proof note and a design mod will help you out when you submit!

Breeding Note/Proof Link: (i.e. breeding note, prize redemption link, praline redemption link, etc. Even if it was sent by someone else and you don’t have access, the mods will!)

Phenotype: (Do not add commas or other breaks, or otherwise alter. Example: Rouge Tobiano (Bald))
Genotype: (Do not alter other than to remove retired/opted out of genes! Example: ee/aa/nTb/(B))
Breeding Anomalies (BAs):
Birth Defects (BDs):

Gender: (classiques & palais can choose later on the reference if desired)
Designer: (if not yourself)

Opted out of: (only if you did opt out of any retired/optional genes or BAs in your chosen pheno/geno!)
Previously approved design: (only if this is a re-design of a foal with a previously accepted design!)

You are free to include anything else such as sire, dam, and pre-reserved slots after the required form, but the required form needs to be at the top of the description!

A correspondence link is created when you submit a deviation to the group folders, it’s where mods can discuss your design with you if changes are needed. After uploading your design to dA and submitting it to a group folder:

  1. Go to 
  2. Click the “No comments” or “x comment(s)” link on the right hand side to open correspondence for that foal
  3. Copy the URL in the address bar – this is your correspondence link for that submission