Hello and welcome to the Boucle Unicorn website! We are an ARPG group based on deviantArt. Here you can find information on all things Boucle, but keep in mind that the game and all contact with the group is still done via our deviantArt groups:

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The Boucle-Unicorn group handles all art, imports, foal designs and shows!


Our BU-MP group tracks your Boucles levels, points and available rewards!


The BU-RP group administrates all companions, items and pralines!

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Local Time in Unicornia

The group runs on Swedish time (CET / GMT+1), so keep an eye on the clock when it comes to event closing times!


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Group Statuses

Breedings: CLOSED

Breedings will be limited in 2024. See “Founder Hiatus Update” for more info!



Custom Imports: OPEN


Registration: OPEN

Limited to 5 in queue at once

Designs: OPEN

Foal Designs:
Limited to 5 in queue

MP/SP/Prize Imports:
Limited to 1 in each queue

DIY Imports:
Unlimited in queue