Each time a Bataille reaches a tier milestone they unlock Battle Armaments. Some Armaments have multiple options, which you can choose when you receive a plaque on @BU-MP.

Find out more about which tiers unlock which Armaments on the Battle Points – Tiers and Rewards page.

Find out about earning Battle Points on the Earning Magic and Battle Points (MP/BP) page.

  1. Weapon Conjuring
    A bataille with this armament can conjure up to three weapon types. The weapons either levitate around them or manifest at the end of their tails to swipe at enemies!
    1. Conjuring Sword
    2. Conjuring Mace
    3. Conjuring Shield
    4. Conjuring Flail
    5. Conjuring Bow
    6. Conjuring Spear
    7. Conjuring Warhammer
    8. Conjuring Axe
  2. Rush
    Batailles are proud warriors, and unlocking this armament allows them to:
    1. Focuses the Bataille in the field for battle
    2. Enhances strength and aggressiveness
    3. Boosts fighters on your side
    4. Makes Bataille quicker with lightning fast reflexes
  3. Fortification
    Not only adept at attack, batailles are masters of defence with this armament. Fortification allows them to:
    1. Deflect physical attacks
    2. Make a force field
    3. Summon temporary wood, stone or metal armor.
  4. Stealth
    With this armament, a bataille is able to mask their presence to give them the element of surprise in battle. Stealth allows them to:
    1. Walk silently
    2. Hide their scent
    3. Camouflage with their environment and become almost (but not quite) invisible!
  5. Mirror Magic
    This armament gives the bataille the ability to make others’ magic backfire on them! Mirror Magic allows them to:
    1. Bounce back magic towards opponent
    2. Copy opponent’s magic
    3. Make opponent’s magic malfunction erratically
  6. Elemental Control
    Similar to the way a classique can conjure the elements for goodly use, a bataille can summon up to three elements to do damage and destruction at their bidding! Their magic is never beneficial to another boucle!
    1. Fire – cause fire to burn another being
    2. Air – draw the air from an enemy’s lungs to suffocate them
    3. Water – boil water and use it to burn and scold others (does not work on blood) 
    4. Earth – trip and trap enemies in pits, use earth to crush
    5. Ice – cause ice to form around the enemy, trapping and weakening them
  7. Haunt
    The ability to unnerve or even destroy the enemy’s mind and resolve is irresistible to a bataille! Haunt allows them to:
    1. Drive a person or pure boucle insane with visions
    2. Cause paranoia through a feeling of being watched and touched by something that isn’t there
    3. Make corporeal shadows that do their bidding
    4. Generally creep peeps out
  8. Subordination
    What’s a war without mindless followers? This armament allows them to:
    1. Enslave other non-boucle creatures under your command
    2. Enslave pure boucles under your command
    3. Create an army of enslaved peeps?
    4. PROFIT????!!!!!
  9. Death Magic
    You thought being dead let you rest? Nah, this armament allows a bataille to:
    1. Raise the dead as loyal zombies
    2. Cause physical pain in a person or pure boucle from a distance
    3. Spread disease and infection
    4. Poison living beings through touch