The Resource Centre is a member- and mod-made collection of helpful design-related items.

Currently it only provides Breeding Anomaly adaptations for the foal lines, but in future it may be expended.

Introduction of the Resource Centre, Announcement of December 2022:

We’re making some changes to the way Breeding Anomalies (BAs) lines are added to designs! You will notice that most of the BA lines have been removed from the mane type templates; the rest have all been moved to separate files that can be downloaded individually or in groups.

From now on, you must download Breeding Anomaly Lines separately and add them to your lineart files yourselves


  • All BAs had group pre-drawn lines that were included in the lineset;
  • A few BAs like Antenne, Geode, Bobtail etc. were “DIY” and could be drawn on by the designer.

The Problem:

  • Every new manetype needed every BA to be drawn and added by the group linearting team, this affected the ease of adding new manetypes;
  • It was becoming difficult to combine BA types and stop BA lines from clashing/overlapping with others in the same zone;
  • The template files were getting insanely large with how many BAs it’s possible for Boucles to get.

The Solution:

We are starting a “Resource Centre” for BA line adaptations by members and mods:

  • The group will release one default lineart for every new BA on the Bald manetype, for each boucle type, and then designers are free to adapt to other mane types and reupload to the Resource Centre for others to use;
  • The BA folders have been removed from the templates to reduce file size and existing BA linearts have been uploaded separately to the Resource Centre;
  • BAs like Antenne, Geode, Bobtail etc. that were “DIY” are still DIY but you might find member-made versions in the Resource Centre to help you!

View the Resource Centre

> Click here to view the Resource Centre <

COMING SOON: Upgrade your Lookup Tool to the latest version for your very own Resource Centre Link! 

Add to the Resource Centre

What can I add to the Resource Centre?

  • You can make adaptations of the group-made BAs that haven’t already been done
  • You can make “DIY” BAs for others to use such as Antenne, Geode, Alternate Tails etc.

How do I add to the Resource Centre?

> Click here to add something to the Resource Centre! <


  1. Files must be original lineart canvas size (DO NOT CROP!);
  2. Files must be PSD;
  3. The must be set up with a lineart and colour layer – additional layers for gemstone, metallic or other texture are permissible;
  4. When you import the layers into a lineart file, the BA should line up exactly; 
  5. Unless required, they shouldn’t be pre-coloured, default grey only please!
  6. When creating your DIY BAs, keep in mind:
    1. They should be proportional to the body and should not expand outside the template canvas size. 
    2. They add on to the body and the base lineart cannot be altered except to add lines to blend in the BA 
    3. You can add to the base lineart, you can cover the base lineart, but you cannot remove it except to cover the body part the BA replaces.