With a Personal Lookup Tool, you can keep a list of all your boucles in Google Spreadsheets that auto-updates with our registries so you can see at a glance what genos, designs and reffed boucles you own! You can also keep track of used and unused items and pralines, and what companions you’ve collected!

Get Your Own Lookup Tool

To make your own Personal Lookup Tool, follow these instructions:

  1. Be signed in to your Google account
  2. Visit the TEMPLATE: Personal Lookup Tool file
  3. Click “File > Make a Copy” in the top left
  4. Rename the file to something that you’ll remember, and save it somewhere in your Google Drive
  5. Open your file and click in the empty square on the “Welcome” tab and type in your dA username
  6. Wait a little bit for the Lookup Tool to search through the registries and bring back all your goodies!

Editing Your Lookup File

You CAN edit your Lookup file, it won’t break any of our central registries, but it’s your responsibility not to break your own file! If you break it, you should save a brand new copy from the template, the group will not fix it for you. Some golden rules to keep in mind:

  • YES, DO play with colours and fonts! Making things look pretty is quite a safe thing to do <3
  • NEVER edit the hidden sheets, these are the ones pulling in all the data from the registries
  • NEVER edit the “All Boucles” sheet. if you don’t need it, just hide it! Most of the other formatted sheets are using that as a reference, so if you delete it the rest will go blank
  • Avoid editing formulae unless you have ninja skills – if you do have ninja skills though, go ahead and play around to your heart’s content <3
  • Adding rows and columns with custom text to your boucles is not advised, the rows will auto-update when you gain or transfer boucles, so your notes might get mixed up if rows above it vanish (notes for ninjas: you could make a new sheet with IDs and notes in two columns, then use a formula to import them next to the corresponding ID in the auto-populated list)
  • You can add “Slicers” to filter the sheets even further, but be advised that the default counter will not amend based on how many values are showing in your Sliced area.

CALLING ALL CODE-NINJAS: If you ever want to make tutorials for editing and customising Personal Lookup Tools, we will gladly accept them into the group and into the #linearts-and-tutorials section of our Discord <3