1. Be nice! Nobody likes to be grumped at, so please treat others as you would like to be treated. 
  2. Be patient! We’re a chilled out group and mods handle things when they have time. If a deviation or question has been waiting more than two weeks to be answered please feel free to ask us about progress but otherwise please be patient! We get very busy during event times and can’t always answer right away <3
  3. Multiple Accounts: Using multiple deviantArt accounts for your Boucles is fine but you will have to let the group know for each boucle if you would like them registered to both accounts, we don’t automatically list them under both of your names. When contacting the group about your boucles, make sure it’s from the account that’s listed as the owner. Make sure all breeding slots are listed to the account that is sending the breeding note.
    NOTE: Using multiple accounts to enter raffles, send more than the allowed number of breedings during an event or to otherwise cheat the system will result in an immediate ban!

We are a very relaxed group but to protect all our members there is a “Strike System” in place to outline what behaviours are not excusable, and what the consequences for said behaviour may be: Strike System.

If you need to contact a Founder on a sensitive issue, please note the @BU-Admin account on dA, it is monitored by @DonPurrleone, @lumivarium and @Tigglesaurus

What you can and cannot do with your boucle:

  • You CAN clip your boucle’s fur, mane and tail hair, curl it or even to add extensions into the mane! You can do this in their reference and in any depictions of them except for in their design.
  • You CAN paint markings onto your boucle, as long as it is clearly stated they are painted on and not part of the boucle’s actual colour! You can do this in their reference and in any depictions of them but NOT in their design.
  • You CAN crop your boucle’s tail, but keep in mind that harm to a Boucle’s tail will leave them with severe balance issues and lessen their quality of life. See the Injuries page for more info.
  • You CAN break your boucle’s horn, but keep in mind that a boucle with a broken horn would be shunned by most other boucles as well as have weaker magic. See the Injuries page for more info.
  • You CAN castrate your boucle, see the Castration page for more info.
  • You CAN take your design with you to another group! You can even keep it in the Boucle-Unicorn group at the same time. The design is yours once you’ve bought it and you have full rights to it. the genes and phenotype must be adapted however.
  • You CAN leave the boucle to sit and collect dust! There’s no activity requirement!
  • You CANNOT repost designs on the official lineart outside of dA, the only exception if you use toyhou.se to organise make sure you link back to the original publication.
  • You CANNOT reclaim a boucle you’ve sold! The boucle is no longer yours in any form and you have no rights to it anymore.
  • You CANNOT officially decease a boucle! You can however just leave it be, as no one will take it away from you.

Last Updated: 8th November 2022