A “design” is when you colour in our official template for foals or imports so that the group can help you match their genotype (provided by the group) with how they look visually! You need to design, submit and have your design accepted before you can use your Boucle in the group. (Note: you only need to reference your Boucle to breed them, you can do everything else with an accepted design)

When designing your boucle, keep in mind that we in the boucle group are fairly lax on design rules. You of course still have to follow the genotype and phenotype you were given, but as long as the coat colour, modifier or mutation looks like itself and not some other marking of the breed you are good to go. With extended mutations, Ancients’ Blessing, event mutations and corruption you have even less to worry about! Yay! Do not be afraid to take some creative freedom, we love seeing what you can come up with! Mutations can also combine, interact and theme each other, so feel free to take such liberties as well.

For a full overview of every boucle colour, pattern, mutation etc, visit the Colour, Modifier & Mutation Masterlist.

Browse through our group folders to see all the examples of the following:

  1. Birthstones
  2. Colours
  3. Natural Modifiers
  4. Unnatural Modifiers
  5. Mutations
  6. Retired Mutations

WIP: We are in the process of moving our examples to the website – some genes appear in the dA gallery, the website gallery, or both! Newer examples are only available on the website. Apologies for the inconvenience. Please bear with us while we transitions between systems:

  1. Bouclite (coming soon)
  2. Colours / Dilutions
  3. Natural & Unnatural Modifiers
  4. White Markings
  5. Mutations
  6. Retired Mutations (coming soon)

For more information about designing foals/genos, head on over to the Designing Foals page.

For more information on designing and submitting Imports see Importing Starter Designs.

If you are looking for a premade or custom-made design, visit the Custom Import page.

Colour and Mutation Masterlist – WIP

This section is still a giant WIP as we move the colour info to the new website! Please bear with us <3Many links will still lead to the dA pages but eventually it will all be moved here! Boucle Unicorns come in a whole lot of colours, and this page aims to guide you through… Read More


November 2022: The following rules are being adjusted to allow for better inclusivity of disabilities and expand character development: OLD RULES – Prior to November 2022: NEW RULES – Starting November 2022: TL;DR: Major injuries are now permissible in references after completing a prompt. Minor injuries such as surface scars do not require a prompt.… Read More

Resource Centre

The Resource Centre is a member- and mod-made collection of helpful design-related items. Currently it only provides Breeding Anomaly adaptations for the foal lines, but in future it may be expended. Introduction of the Resource Centre, Announcement of December 2022: We’re making some changes to the way Breeding Anomalies (BAs) lines are added to designs!… Read More

Designing Foals

This page specifically covers how to design your foal genos, for general information about designing, see the Designing page. Read on for how to turn your foal genos into designs! Foal genos are provided by the group via breedings and prizes. You can also trade or purchase them from other members. Random Foal Genos have… Read More