Breedings are open this month: February 2024

A limited breeding season will be open from the 1st to the 14th February 2024:

  • Please follow the instructions on the Breeding page to submit your breedings
  • Each member can send up to 3 breedings
  • All foals will be rolled for an optional Valentines Bouclite.
  • Every breeding can use a free genderswap if desired! Please include the usage of genderswap at the BOTTOM of your breeding note (under the breeding form)
    • Genderswaps do not work on Batailles, but can be used on a Classique that is bred with a Bataille.

Breedings will be closed again after February. See Boucle Founder Hiatus for more info.

Bob’s Tricket Shoppe: Pricing Updates

From 1st February, the Shoppe will have its gold prices updated! Some things will become more expensive, while some things will become slightly cheaper. The XP trade limits will also be adjusted. This is part of an effort to make item trading rules clearer for both members and admins <3 Anything bought before the deadline will be handled under the current rules and limits.