Welcome to the November Roundup! Here to summarise updates from the last month, what’s coming up next month, and sneak peeks for features and events on the horizon!


  • Please remember not to submit foal designs if they are pending reward redeems, they cannot be processed and may be denied for incorrect info!
  • If you have pending XP or Prize imports, please check your designs for comments/corrections! NOTE: dA has had an update and you can no longer directly edit your descriptions in To do so going forward, press “submit to deviantart” button and edit your text there, then press “save and exit” and your stash version will be changed


  • Founder Hiatus: Breedings Closed for 2024 – Our Founders @DonPurrleone and @lumivarium are taking a Bouclebreak in 2024. @MonsLeonis will be our resident Lime keeping plates spinning, with @Tigglesaurus taking a step down in responsibility to focus on Imports and Website. Breedings will close but the rest of the group remains open. Find out more on the full announcement post.
  • The ABC is OPEN!The Adopt a Boucle Centre is open for donations NOW, with adoptions opening up on the 1st January 2024 for all members! If you have a geno you would like to donate, please visit the ABC page and earn 5UG! You can donate once per month. The ABC will especially benefit newbies who would like a foal-size alternative to the Newbie Import system!

What’s on Now

The following events are running this month:

Horizon Features

This section includes sneak-peeks at what we’ve got planned a few months down the line! Stuff that’s on the horizon!

  • Website Overhaul – We are working on the website behind the scenes to make information easier to find and understand, please bear with us while info is still spread across dA journals and website pages <3
  • Import Note Generator – Progress is being made on a tool to help you with import rarities, and even to pre-format your import notes! 
  • Explorations – Expanding our ARPG features, Explorations will be a way to earn Unicornian Gold, Pralines, exclusive companions, and on the rare occasion, DIY imports! Development is ongoing.
  • Certificates – Certificates will give your Boucles different breeding/exploration bonuses once completed, resuming development after Founder Semi-Haitus 
  • Group NPCs – NPC Boucles will be developed and released in the future, including NPCs from old Boucleween Events, to make rarer event genes more available; their slots will be available to members in the future as prizes for various events.


There is a #suggestions forum in Discord, and for our non-Discord members or members who wish to leave anonymous suggestions, we have a Suggestions Google Form (also linked on the dA and Website Homepages). Please leave constructive feedback where possible; if you have a complaint, please present it objectively and if you have an idea for a solution to your issue, please include that too. The group is run by volunteers, and we do our best, but we cannot always respond immediately so please be patient and understanding. 

Backlog Summary

Approximate processing times for the following teams are as follows:

Registration: within a week
Transfers: within a week
Reward Redeems: ~ 2 weeks
Foal Designs: Less than a week for non-corrupted/blessing designs
Import Designs: within a week
Breedings: ~ 2 weeks
BU-MP Counts: ~ 2 months
BU-MP Plaques: within a week
BU-RP Events: November FoM completed! Bouclemas Events running
Shoppe Trinket Purchases: ~ 2 weeks
Item & Companion Transfers: ~ 6 weeks 
Companion Bondings: ~ 1 month