Heyo everyone! Great news, the FOAL DESIGN SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN AGAIN! Before submitting your foals, however, please read up on the changes we have made to the system:

  1. Slightly updated design description form – breedings will be formatted in this way going forward to assist with copy+paste. Additional fields such as “Opted out” and “Previous Design Link” for applicable designs.
  2. After submitting your design to the group, you need to get the CORRESPONDENCE LINK and submit it to the new GOOGLE FORM – mods will be using the results in the sheet to track the backlog, not the dA logs, so you must submit to the google form to enter the queue.
  3. If a submission expires, a mod will request them back to the group folders, but the design is official as soon as it’s in the registry and marked as Completed in the Backlog.
  4. There is a Public Foal Design Backlog sheet.

For full information, please see the updated “Submitting your foal design” section on the “Designing Foals” page.

Please ask any ⁠questions you may have after reading up on the new submission process, especially if anything is unclear, and as this is still a new system please bear with us while it settles in. Major thanks go to our Beta Testers for helping us hammer out the major issues in the initial version.

IMPORTANT: You MUST submit your Correspondence link via the Google form after submitting your design to the group. Designs will not be in the queue if they are only submitted to the group but not to the Google form.

Breeding Note Updates Oh and also, you’ll notice your breeding note formats have changed going forward! This is so you can easily copy-paste the breeding note directly into your design description and fill in the gaps!