The Rapunzel mane type is a most desirable trait in Boucle Unicorns. A unicorn with Rapunzel has an exceptionally long mane and tail, and the hair will have to be groomed daily – a demanding task for a Rapunzel owner. The mane and tail becomes very light and shiny, but also stronger than normal Boucle hair, and will withstand the more clumsy Rapunzels if they trip over their flowing hair-mass.

Download Rapunzel import and foal lines...

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Import Lines:

Classique Import Lines

Foal and Breeding Anomaly Lines:

Obtainable Via:

  • Breeding
  • Event Imports
  • Any Standard Mane Import
  • Any Admin Imports

Importable On:

  • Classique
  • Palais

Randomly Rollable On:

  • None

First Released:
in March 2015

Rate of Passing:
Rapunzel x Rapunzel = 100% Rapunzel
Special x Rapunzel = 50% Rapunzel
Normal x Rapunzel = 25% Rapunzel

Example Gallery

Check out how others have stylised their Rapunzel manes in their references!