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Welcome to our first Newsletter! These updates are going to be aimed to summarise the previous month’s happenings, and give you a head’s up on what’s coming next!

This past month the group received a note from an anonymous group of members, and we reached out to the community for constructive feedback on how we can address the points raised. You can find the note here, with comments from the group to add context and clarification. We addressed the points that we were able to and at the very bottom we summarised the common points as a TL;DR. All members were invited to leave feedback and suggestions in our May Discussion Thread in response.

The Discussion format was super productive, and we loved the constructive ideas our members came up with, so we will be summarising suggestions/feedback made to our suggestion boxes every quarter (unless they can be resolved in the current workload, we’ll get to those asap). The next Discussion will be held in August!

If you have feedback or a suggestion for the group, or topics for the August Discussion, you can use our Discord #suggestions forum or submit via our Suggestions Google Form

How to make suggestions:
There is a #suggestions forum in Discord, and for our non-Discord members or members who wish to leave anonymous suggestions, we have a Suggestions Google Form (also linked on the dA and Website Homepages). Please leave constructive feedback where possible; if you have a complaint, please present it objectively and if you have an idea for a solution to your issue, please include that too. The group is run by volunteers, and we do our best, but we cannot always respond immediately so please be patient and understanding. 

Please do not make suggestions to mods directly via DM or note, and do not note @Boucle-Unicorn group, or any of our mule accounts,with suggestions or feedback. Please use one of the official suggestion avenues so that we can compile all the ideas and feedback in one place.

May Discussion Roundup

Backlogs – “How can we improve applications, mod-engagement, and/or training regimes?”

  • We did not receive any feedback directly on this, but to improve mod visibility, we have added a “Meet the Team” page to the website and making a breakdown of the different Discord Roles in #welcome__rules Discord channel.
  • To improve visibility on backlogs to members, we will not be asking our mods to post daily/weekly updates on backlogs, rather we will be including an overview of the backlogs via our monthly Newsletters to keep y’all appraised of our progress.
  • Backlogs are being addressed with continued training of new mods, and we are discussing methods such as:
    • Cooldown Weeks – Where no new submissions will be accepted and the mods will spend that week working on existing backlogs.
    • Submission Limit Changes – We are also discussing changing submission limits to be monthly, rather than limiting how many you have in the queue at a time. 
  • Foal Design Submission Overhaul – This was already in development, and so we’ve pushed this now into beta testing. It is currently being tested by mods and a small group of members. We aim to do a general release in early June. The new system will mean Foal Designs will no longer expire, and everyone will be able to see where they are in the queue going forward. It will also improve the workflow for mods, making the turnaround faster <3
    • Foal Design Submissions are CLOSED – While the Beta test on the new Foal Submission System is being tested, we are not accepting new foal Submissions via dA. Only foals uploaded before May 22nd 2023 can still be submitted to the group. New foals will need to wait until the new system launches in early June. We advise you not to upload new foals to your dA account in the meantime.

Information clarity – “We are working on improving the website, but if you have any accessibility issues with the current website, e.g. for visual impairments, mobile accessibility etc, please let us know so we can make sure to take it into account.”

  • Fonts – We’ll be updating the theme, and using a more accessible font with a heavier weight for easy reading.
  • Theme – We’ll be adding a dark theme as part of the website upgrade!
  • Information Disparity – The Website is already undergoing an overhaul, so we are aiming to have all information consolidated and searchable via the website by the end of the year.

Paid-for-Items – “Is there anything that is not available without currency?”

  • Bataille Imports – We have discussed adding Bataille DIYs as a possible Exploration reward, and when we expand the Bataille BP tiers past Berserker (on the roadmap for 2024), Imports will be one of the rewards there. We will keep you posted on what we decide about whether mare imports will be included in that 👍
  • Exclusive Companions – We will be updating information about Companions on the website, and including info on how you can get each variant. Some will be available in Exploration, and some variants will remain exclusive to sales and group events. Similar to collectable companions on other RPGs and Browser Sims. Bob’s Trinket Shoppe has been updated with all Companions that are available for USD and Unicornian Gold. 

Strike System – “Are there any rules in the Strike System that are unfair, or not cause for a Warning or Strike?”

  • We did not receive any feedback on this point, so if you would like to engage this discussion point, please make a suggestion in the #suggestions forum May Discussion Thread or submit via the Suggestion Form.

Suggestions – “Should we make the suggestions channel into a forum, so they are more easily searchable, and input can be collated easier?”

  • The Discord Suggestions channel has been upgraded into a forum by popular request – the old suggestions channel has been archived and will be tidied away in a few weeks just in case you need to grab something from there in the meantime.

What’s On Now

The following events are running this month:

  • June Breedings – a mostly-regular breeding season, open 1st-14th, maximum of 5 breedings each, with the option of Pride Horns for Pride Month <3
  • Festival of Might – the FoM runs every month from 1st-20th, this month’s theme is Royal Garden Gala, enter to grab ribbons and gold prizes!
  • Boucle Gremlin Show – a classic HARPG show with a twist: do your worst! Get your entries in by June 17th, extended from May 31st.

Last Month’s Updates

  • New Mods – Welcome to our new mods! Many thanks to everyone who applied <3
    • RL-EquestrianArts (rejoined Imports)
    • CuddliCactus (Designs)
    • Lindsey20771  (Registration)
    • Meteorstararpg (Designs)
    • Mini-Zacama (BUMP Counters)
    • N0TEARL (Registration, BUMP Counters)
    • senuhir (Registration)
    • xxGaea (Plaque-Making)
  • Foal Design Submissions are CLOSED – While the Beta test on the new Foal Submission System is being tested, we are not accepting new foal Submissions via dA. Only foals uploaded before May 22nd 2023 can still be submitted to the group. New foals will need to wait until the new system launches in early June. We advise you not to upload new foals to your dA account in the meantime.
  • Literature Limit Changes – Due to the heavy workload on BU-MP, we have regrettably had to make the decision to put a limit on how we will process large literature pieces.
    • Any literature piece longer than 3000 words will have to be divided into chapters. A chapter can be no more than 3000 words. 
    • XP will be counted per chapter, similar to as if each chapter had been its own deviation.
    • This change will go into effect on the 1st of July, so consider this your heads-up to finish and submit any major literature pieces you’ve been working on before then <3
  • Import Submissions – Imports will no longer wait for “second check” and acceptance to the Boucle-Unicorn group, they are official as soon as they are uploaded to BU-IMP.
    • If you spot any typos in your imports, please note @BU-IMP or post in #typo-reports in the Discord.
  • Plaque Backlog – Plaques will now be uploaded ASAP after being requested.
    • This is going to be a trial system, and BUMP will be more backlogged than usual during the initial submission influx, so we ask your patience when it comes to getting your XP confirmed and rewards given <3
  • Monthly Newsletters – We will be aiming to post a roundup like this at the beginning of each month, so that you guys can get a TL;DR: about the groups ongoings, and also give you some insight into progress behind the scenes on backlogs and projects.
  • Suggestions Forum – The old channel has been upgraded to a Suggestions Forum in Discord – you can more easily search to see if a suggestion has been made before, and the group’s response as to whether it’s possible or not, if we’ll add it in future, or if we’re already working on it.
  • Classifieds – Classifieds with “sale” in the name have been renamed “ads” to disassociate from currency, and to clarify that trades are welcome in these channels also.
  • Website Updates
    • FILTERS added to colours, modifiers, white markings and mutations (Note, not all genes have moved over from dA yet. Some may be missing and will be uploaded over time, but the ones that have been moved are very searchable now)
    • More mutations added to the site! Some are missing images, as they need a refresh from the old template, so these will appear as they are finished.
    • Meet the Team page is now on the website, for an overview of who we are and who does what!

Horizon Features

This section includes sneak-peeks at what we’ve got planned a few months down the line! Stuff that’s on the horizon!

  • Quarterly Discussions – As the May Discussion was amazingly productive with our member’s suggestions and feedback, we will be aiming to hold Discussion threads every three months. We will use a mix of Suggestions made throughout the quarter, and other subjects that the group is looking for feedback on to target the Discussion topics. 
  • Explorations – More ARPG elements are already in development, you can expect Explorations to land later this year as a way to earn Unicornian Gold, Pralines, exclusive companions, and on the rare occasion, DIY imports!
  • Certificates – Also in development for the Boucle Academy, Certificates will give your Boucles different breeding/exploration bonuses once completed. 
  • Palette Prompts – Replacing the monthly palette prompt, the Palette Prompts will run every three months for more colourful challenges and bigger prizes! 
  • The ABC – The Adopt a Boucle Centre – we are merging the BoucleShops into the group, and turning it into an official geno adoption centre. Members will be able to adopt genos, and donate genos for a small amount of UG or XP boosts. This will especially benefit newbies who would like a foal-size alternative to the Newbie Import system!
  • Group NPCs – After some fab suggestions in the May Discussion, we will be expanding the Group NPCs. We already have some NPCs from an old Boucleween Event, so we will be bringing these to life plus some others to make rarer event genes more available; their slots will be available to members in the future as prizes for various events.
  • Website Overhaul – We aim to have all the information scattered across dA and the old website to be collected in one beautiful resource, as well as clarify a lot of FAQs and make information finding easier for all of us <3
  • Surprises! – We have many exciting ideas for new things down the line, but we shan’t be revealing them all. While we will be giving you more teasers when we are able, members will still have some exciting surprises to look forward to!

Backlogs (updated 1st june):

Registration: All submissions before May 30th have been accepted or commented on.

Transfers: All transfers sent in May have been handled!

Reward Redeems: All redeems sent before June 1st have been answered, except for Scholarship Redeems (these are all still pending a how-to on the admin side, which we will try to get done in the start of June)

Foal Designs: All foals submitted (or re-submitted) to the old system before May 4th have been commented on or accepted 

Import Designs: Up to date backlog can be seen here. Newbie imports are up to date, prize imports have all been handled or are pending a senior admin check (Feb 28th 2023), MP imports have been handled up to Oct 22nd 2022, SP imports have been handled up to May 18th 2023. 

Breedings: All breedings from previous seasons have been handled, June breedings not yet started!

BU-MP: The oldest plaque pending counting is from April 11th, the oldest plaque request pending is from May 25th and the oldest ability/scholarship comment needing a reply is from May 28th.

BU-RP: Item Transfers, Companion Transfers, Companion Bondings, Tack Fittings and Trinket Purchases are all up to date. The May round of the FoM has not yet been rolled, and the Boucle Gremlin Show has been extended until June 17th!