Roan lightens the body of the boucle, always leaving the head, lower legs, mane and tail unaffected. If the skin is damaged, even by small scratches, the fur grows back unroaned in the colour of the coat. These marks are called ‘corn spots’. Shown above is a minimal expression.

Some roans may appear lighter in summer and darker in their winter coats!

Roan is not a “white marking” and the boucle is not born with skin pink under the white hairs.

The pale hairs caused by this modifier are affected by Ashen, Reflector, Blacklight, Transparent and Poudre mutations.

Coverage: Most of the main body, and may stray onto the cheeks, mane and upper legs

Importable: Yes [Rarity: Natural]

First Released: in August 2016, contributed by DonPurrleone


Genotype(s) and Combination Genotypes are importable, Carrier Genotypes are not importable.


RR or Rr

Carrier Genotypes:

RRs = Siamois carrier
RRc = Céleste carrier

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