Furet is a bottom-up countershading pattern. It lightens and darkens the coat in a pattern similar to that of polecats and other mustelids; light highlights are typically on the topline, around the eyes and on the muzzle. Dark areas appear mostly on the legs, belly and throat. Expression varies but the underside is always darker than the topline. Shown above is a normal expression.

Furet cannot make hard-edged markings, they must be soft/blended.

Shares the same locus as Loup, and combines to make Mouf.

Combines With: Shares the same locus as Loup, and combines to make Mouf.

Coverage: Furet can cover the whole boucle's body but the base coat's colour must be evident.

Importable: Yes [Rarity: 2 (1 for XP imports)]

First Released: in October 2022, contributed by TsonianFieldsRanch, SPACEP00DLE, firedragoran


Genotype(s) and Combination Genotypes are importable, Carrier Genotypes are not importable.



Carrier Genotypes:


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Design Guide

Pro Tip: For a natural look to Furet designing, use the dark and light tones already available in the base coat and “move them around” so the dark tones are along the belly and the lighter tones are on top. Darken and lighten the coat extra where required for a distinguished look <3