Through drawing and writing about your boucle, you can level them up through different tiers! Read more below:

Boucle Memes

How to meme? List of Meme Templates Meme FAQs What is a meme? In HARPG, a meme is a template that you fill in with your drawings using the prompts provided. What’s the minimum requirements? A coloured headshot at minimum for each prompt What do you get? Gold and XP! You can complete each meme… Read More

Earning Experience Points (XP)

SUMMARY OF NOVEMBER 2022 UPDATE This is a short summary of the major changes! Be sure to read through the whole page so you don’t miss any of the finer details.  These changes are unfortunately not retroactive! We do not currently have the capacity to allow for recounts. We are considering how to allow for… Read More

Magic Points – Tiers and Rewards

For more information on the magic point system, please read this journal: Magic Point SystemFor information about boucle magic and what it can do, please read this journal: Boucle Magic For how to get your MP counted, please read this journal: About BU-MPFor how to redeem your MP imports, please read this journal: Importing a… Read More

Battle Points – Tiers and Rewards

“Battle Points” or “BP” are how Batailles score their worthiness in battle! Each time they reach a milestone they unlock Battle Armaments and other boons in the form of boosts to taming and rewards you can redeem with the group. They also get heckin cool armour and badges to wear with pride while they stomp… Read More

Snuggle Points – Tiers and Rewards

Snuggle Points (SP) are how Palais are rewarded for being super cute and cuddly. For every tier they unlock, they gain extra Aspects to transform into, allow you to import new Palais starters, or collect other rewards such as Auto-Twins, BA rewards and even a “Shrink Reward” that can be added to a Palais foal… Read More

How To Get Your XP Counted

How To Get A Plaque Before it can earn any XP and reach any reward tiers, your boucle needs a plaque uploaded by @BU-MP. Before requesting a plaque, check the following:  It can take some time before your request is fulfilled, so make sure to keep track of any art or literature of your Boucle(s)… Read More

The Boucle Academy

The Boucle Academy offers diverse classes to help bring the best out in your Boucles. We specialise in the Boucle Unicorn, and their unique brand of magic, battle lore, and foal rearing. Please, enjoy the classes and let us know if you have any questions! The Rules All drawings must be at least coloured fullbody… Read More