How to meme?

  1. Download template of your chosen meme
  2. Fill it in with your art program of choice, or print it out for traditional!
  3. Upload the completed meme to dA
  4. Submit to “Memes” folder in the @Boucle-Unicorn Group
  5. Fill in Memes Gold Claim form to claim gold

List of Meme Templates

Meme FAQs

What is a meme?

In HARPG, a meme is a template that you fill in with your drawings using the prompts provided.

What’s the minimum requirements?

A coloured headshot at minimum for each prompt

What do you get?

Gold and XP! You can complete each meme once for 10g, and each Boucle included gets a +10XP bonus on top of the art XP.

How often can you do the meme?

You can only claim the gold and XP bonus once, but you can do the meme as many times as you like for fun. 

Can you use multiple boucles?

Absolutely, you can include as many Boucles as you like, they can be yours and/or others, whoever you think fits the prompt!

Can you do literature instead?

Only art and captions on the meme itself, but you can tell a story in the description to go with the art. Only Boucles pictured in the meme get the 10XP bonus, just being in the literature only gains literature points. 

Will there be more Memes?

Absolutely, they’ll release in an adhoc manner; if you have any suggestions, put them in the #suggestions channel on Discord.