Spiced Chocolat makes a swirl appear on the Boucle’s middle section in one of 12 colours.

If a Boucle has two different spiced colours in it’s genes it will show a blend of those two colours in the swirl!

Mutation Type: Under White

Extends: No

Combines With: Chocolat

2D or 3D: 2D

Importable: No - Events & breeding only [Rarity: 1-2]

First Released: in December 2019, contributed by DonPurrleone


Carrier genotypes are not visible on the Boucle


Coffee: Spco
Cinnamon: Spci
Saffron: Spsa
Ginger: Spgi
Liquorice: Spli
Chili: Spch
Pumpkin: Sppu
Sprinkle: Spsp
Mint: Spmi
Strawberry: Spst
Blueberry: Spbl
Curacao: Spcu

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