Mythical is a singular mutation that can display a mask themed after one of these mythical creatures or “species”:

Under no circumstances can you add human faces!! You may make an equine version of any of the above creatures that typically has a human form.

E.g. a fairy-themed Mythical can incorporate wings, sparkles, little mushrooms and fairy houses, but they don’t literally wear a fairy. A kelpie-themed Mythical does not transform into a maiden, etc.

Beast/animal creatures’ faces can be used without the same restrictions.

Déguise Overview

It is a cousin to the mutation Masquerade; Déguise gives the boucle a large mask in the shape of an animal that covers up to half of the face and includes that animal’s eyes as well (the Boucle beneath still see through those eyes, and they will have the appearance of their animal, not bouclite)!

Déguise also gives the boucle a themed pauldron over their withers and shoulders that matches the animal, and may have fur, teeth, feathers or scales depending on the animal and matching broaches/clasps/strings/fabric to hold it all together! 

IMPORTANT: Déguise should always have a defined edge on your designs and does not blend into the Boucle’s body. Think of it as an item that sits on top of the Boucle but it cannot be removed. If covering the bridge of the skull, the jawline must be visible.

Mutation Type: Déguise

Extends: Yes

Coverage: Half of the head, withers/shoulders

2D or 3D: 3D

Importable: No - Events & breeding only [Rarity: 1-2]

First Released: in December 2022, contributed by DonPurrleone


Carrier genotypes are not visible on the Boucle



Example Gallery

Extended Info

Increases the range of the Déguise to almost the whole boucle!

Design Guide