Mousse creates a blanket of moss that cover the topline of the Boucle. The moss may contain flowers or mushrooms depending on what season the moss depicts, or neither of these.

The Boucles birth month decides what season the moss will depict.

December to February = Winter, bluish moss with frost and sometimes with snowdrops or other early-spring flowers.
March to May = Spring, lime-ish moss with spring flowers.
June to August = Summer, green moss with flowers commonly found during those months.
September to November = Autumn, orangey moss with mushrooms and/or sometimes late-blooming flowers.

Mutation Type: Normal

Extends: Yes

2D or 3D: 3D

Importable: No - Events & breeding only [Rarity: 1-2]

First Released: in April 2016, contributed by rina-kisaragi


Carrier genotypes are not visible on the Boucle



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