Not much is known about the Ancients’ Blessing mutation, but it is commonly believed to be connected to the magical Deities of the Kingdom. Since not much is known about the Deities either, no one can say for sure.
The mutation seems to pop up randomly in some Boucle lines, especially those particularly magically gifted. It is even known to randomly start showing in adult Boucles.

Though the Blessing may express in any known magical element, whether the Boucle possesses that magical element or not, foals always inherit their parents expression.

Some features always stay the same however; the glowing celestial symbols floating around the Boucle’s body, the colour of the eyes and the swirl of magic around their horn. The magic swirl and eye colour always corresponds with the element of the Blessing.

A Boucle can have up to two Blessings, but this can only be achieved via breeding or a Scholarship XP reward allowing you to add another Blessing to an already Blessed Boucle.

Ancients’ Blessing vs. Corrupted:

When a corrupted Boucle is blessed, the owner of the Boucle will have two options; either the Boucle is completely healed from the corruption and turn into a normal Boucle displaying its original genes, or it is partially healed, still displaying its corrupted design but in a non-corrupted way (meaning not as creepy or malformed). In both cases the corrupted Boucle will not be able to pass on corrupted anymore, as the Blessing has removed it.
Ancients’ Blessing will not only heal but also display as it normally would.

Mutation Type: Normal

Extends: No

2D or 3D: 3D

Importable: Yes - Special tier [Rarity: 1]

First Released: in November 2016, contributed by DonPurrleone


Genotype(s) and Combination Genotypes are importable, Carrier Genotypes are not importable.

Carrier genotypes are not visible on the Boucle


Water: Bwb or BwBw
Ice: Bicb or BicBic
Earth: Beab or BeaBea
Fire: Bfb or BfBf
Air: BAb or BABA
Stone: Bsb or BsBs
Electricity: Belb or BelBel
Metal: Bmb or BmBm
Blood: Bbb or BbBb
Dark: Bdab or BdaBda
Light: Blb or BlBl
Time: Btib or BtiBti
Illusion: Bilb or BilBil
Dream: Bdrb or BdrBdr
Telepathic: Bteb or BteBte
Creator: Bcb or BcBc

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