Magique Silver lightens the mane, tail and sometimes the body.

If the Boucle is also a Classique, it also adds coloured areas around the tip and base of the tail, the tip of the mane, the withers and lower legs as well as affect the colour of the eyes.
The colour of these areas is determined by the Classique’s magic, once it unlocks them. If a Classique possesses multiple magics, a mix of the colours may be present but it can also express only one magic’s colour.
If the Classique does not posses magic, Magique expresses like normal Silver on Noir and Brun based coats and like Flaxen on Rouge based coats.

Coverage: Mane, tail, withers and lower legs

Importable: Yes [Rarity: 1-2]

First Released: in August 2016, contributed by DemiWolfe


Genotype(s) and Combination Genotypes are importable, Carrier Genotypes are not importable.



Carrier Genotypes:

ZmZ (silver carrier)

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