To find out more about MP and the magic point system, please read this journal: Magic Point System
To find out more about the rewards you can earn, please read this journal: Magic Point Rewards
To find out more about boucle magic, please read this journal: Boucle Magic

What is BU-MP?

The deviantArt account BU-MP (short for Boucle Unicorn – Magic Points) is the way we track a boucle’s magic points. Any MP earned is only ‘official’ once it’s been counted by a BUMPer (bu-mp admin), and doesn’t count towards reaching any tier or reward before that.

How do I use BU-MP?

To start using BU-MP, you first need to check if your boucle has a plaque. The easiest way to do this is to search for your boucle’s ID number in BU-MP’s gallery.

If your boucle does not have a plaque, please visit the plaque application journal and follow the instructions there to get it a one. Remember that it can take some time before the plaque is uploaded, so make sure to keep track of any art or literature in some other way while you wait for it.

Once you have your boucle’s plaque up, take a look at the comment section. There, you will find the LOG. The LOG is laid out similar to this:

  • LOG
    • Achievements
      • Magic
      • Show Placings
    • Lineage
    • Art and Literature

Comment tutorial


Here you comment with thumbs of or links to your boucle’s achievements. Some examples of things that go under this comment is equiBREAK plaques and being featured in the HARPG news letter. Show placings and similar achievements do not go under this comment, they go under the Show Placings comment (keep reading to find out how to properly comment with them!).
BUMPers also comment under Achievements when your boucle has reached a new tier! They will tag you in the comment, and might ask you to choose a magic type (depending on the tier reached). If they do, simply reply to the tier comment when you’ve made up your mind.
Admins will also respond to some tier comments once the reward for that tier has been used.

To fill out an achievement comment, do it the following way:
[Thumb or link to the achievement here (only one per comment!)]

If there is an MP bonus tied to the achievement, copypaste it from the Magic Point System journal into here.

Visual examples:
With thumb:

With link:


Do not comment here!
Once you’ve replied to an BUMPer with your choice of magic/armament, they will reply to this comment with your boucle’s magic/armament, as well as when your boucle’s magic levels up.

Show Placings

Here you comment with pieces that have earned a placement in a show, as well as prizes such as ribbons, cups or trophies. You are also allowed to post participation ribbons and similar that doesn’t have a placement bonus tied to it.
Remember that you need to comment with your show entry under “Art and Literature” to get the MP for the entry counted as well! You can do this before a show is judged.

To fill out an show placing comment, do it the following way:
[Thumb or link to the prize(s) here, if there are any]
[Thumb or link to the show entry here (only one per comment!)]
Link to the show entered here
IF results are hosted elsewhere than the show journal, link them here
If there is an MP bonus tied to the show placement, copypaste it from the Magic Point System journal into here.

Visual examples:
With prizes:

Only show entry:

No MP bonus:

Lineage(Classiques only)

Here you comment with a link or a thumb to the plaque of your boucles sire, dam or direct offspring. You do not include any MP count, as it will change over time up until the Boucle or it’s parents/offspring has reached Deity.
You are allowed to comment with your boucle’s plaque under this comment of their sire, dam or direct offspring! This is the only time you can comment on the plaque of a boucle that isn’t yours.

To fill out a lineage comment, do it the following way:
[Thumb or link to sire’s, dam’s or direct offspring’s plaque (only one per comment!)]
Optionally, include a text to help yourself keep track of the relation to your own boucle, for example “Dam” or “Direct Offspring”.

Visual examples:
Without additional text:

With additional text:

Art and Literature

Here you comment with all art and literature featuring your boucle. There is a few things to keep in mind;

  • If your piece is a show entry, remember that you need to include a link to the show and your place of entry! If you don’t, you will not get the show entry bonus.
  • Be sure to include all bonuses you think your piece is eligible for in the comment, especially add-ons like the training bonus and gift bonus! If it isn’t in there, you risk losing those points.
  • For literature, make sure to check your word count in! It is the method we use for word counts, and some other programs produce a different count (we’ve found Pages is especially unreliable)
  • If you don’t understand why a BUMPer counted something differently from you, you are allowed to ask via noting BU-MP or using the discord server but stay polite and respectful! In the end, what the BUMPer says goes, but we’re all human and can make mistakes.
  • Most importantly, be honest! If something is re-used, stock etc, be sure to state so and don’t try to claim points that your piece isn’t eligible for. Anyone found to be willingly (and repeatedly) deceptive will be excluded from any magic point rewards and frowned upon frowningly.

To fill out an art and literature comment, do it the following way:
[Thumb or link to the art/literature (only one per comment!)]
A breakdown of the bonuses the piece is eligible for, copypasted from the Magic Point System page into here.
If a show entry, link to any show entered as well as place of entry.
Optionally, include a total of what MP you think your piece earned.

Visual examples:
Art with link, without total:

Art with thumb and total:

Literature with thumb and total:

Show entry without total:

What BU-MP plaques doesn’t track

If you come to Boucle-Unicorn from another ARPG, this part is extra important to avoid confusion!

  • Ownership! The boucle group track ownership in our registries, and BU-MP has nothing to do with transferring ownership.
  • Breeding slots! These are tracked on the reference.

Have any questions? Please ask them in the BU-MP F.A.Q. journal!