Girafe combined with Merle. Lightens the whole coat to white/off-white, showing large irregular patches of the base coat with only a small gap between most patches. The patches may have smooth or ragged-edges.

This mutation is affected by D’or, Briller, Ashen, Reflector, Blacklight, TransparentOutlineCalliouGémifierCutoutOmbre and Vitrail mutations. 

Mutation Type: Under White

Extends: No

2D or 3D: 2D

Importable: Yes [Rarity: 2]

First Released: in October 2022, contributed by Tigglesaurus & inapatricia


Genotype(s) and Combination Genotypes are importable, Carrier Genotypes are not importable.

Carrier genotypes are not visible on the Boucle



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