Dun always creates a dark dorsal stripe and/or barring on the legs. It can also create barring face and on the shoulders. It may also dilute the rest of the coat and lighten some hairs in the mane and tail. The example shows dorsal stripe, shoulder, face and leg barring, and lightening of the body and mane/tail.

Some colours have dun-specific names:
 – Red Dun = Rouge with Dun
 – Grullo = Noir with Dun
 – Dunalino = Palomino with Dun
 – Dunskin = Buckskin with Dun
 – Smoky Grullo = Smoky Noir with Dun
 – Dunsier= Brasier with Dun
 – Classic Dun = Classic Champagne with Dun
 – Amber Dun = Amber Champagne with Dun
 – Gold Dun = Gold Champagne with Dun
 – Ivory Dun = Ivory Champagne with Dun
 – Dunleil = Soleil with Dun
 – Dunchie = Blanchie with Dun
 – Dunallique = Metallique with Dun
 – Dunlisse = Reglisse with Dun
 – Dunboises = Framboises with Dun
 – Duntilles = Myrtilles with Dun
 – Dunille = Vanille with Dun

Coverage: Dun may affect the whole coat

Importable: Yes [Rarity: Natural]

First Released: in August 2016, contributed by DonPurrleone


Genotype(s) and Combination Genotypes are importable, Carrier Genotypes are not importable.


DD or Dd

Carrier Genotypes:

DtSD = Dun carrier
DtD = Dun carrier
DDc = Coloré carrier

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